Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts work in the same way as indoor ones, running along a track fitted to the steps. The difference is they are designed to be weatherproof and can be used outside in all weathers.

Many people have steps outside their home, perhaps leading to their front or back door or their garden. Elderly and disabled people with mobility issues can have difficulty accessing their outside space if there are steps to negotiate and may feel trapped inside their homes. Fitting a stairlift to external steps can enable them to continue enjoying their garden or enable them to leave their home more easily.

An outdoor stairlift can give you the independence and freedom to access your outside space without the worry of having a fall on the steps.

Where Can an Outdoor Stairlift Be Fitted?

Outdoor stairlifts can be fitted to straight flights of steps only. This means steps that go in one direction with no bends or turns. Stairlifts are fitted to the steps themselves, not a wall. For this reason the steps need to be strong enough to support the weight. Outdoor stairlifts can be fitted to solid wood, solid concrete and metal steps.

Outdoor Stairlift Features

  • A swivel seat that makes it easier to get in and out of the chair seat, as you can turn the seat away from the steps at each end.
  • Rechargable batteries so the stairlift will work even if there’s a power cut.
  • Safety sensors to detect any objects on the steps that would get in the way of the stairlift and bring it safely to a halt.
  • Folding seat, arms and footrest to leave plenty of space for others to walk up and down the steps when the stairlift is not being used.
  • A waterproof cover to protect the stairlift from the elements and keep it dry when it’s not in use.
  • A key switch for security that immobilises the stairlift when you’re not using it.

Outdoor Stairlift Models

Several of the most well known stairlift companies in the UK offer outdoor versions of their straight stairlifts. These include the Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift, the Companion Outdoor 1000 Stairlift and the Stannah Outdoor Stairlift.


Because outdoor stairlifts are for straight steps they can be installed on readymade tracks. For this reason straight stairlifts are much cheaper to buy than curved ones, which require a customised rail.

How much it will cost to get a stairlift fitted on your outside steps depends on various factors. We recommend getting a free no obligation quote from a reputable supplier who can give you an accurate price. They will discuss your particular requirements and advise which model and features would be most suitable for your needs.

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