About Us

Welcome to Stairlift Helper. Helping you find the right stairlift at the best possible price is what we do. You could say we’re a little bit obsessed, but we love our work!

We realise how worrying the stairs can be if you have limited mobility. Going up or down the stairs can be painful and exhausting. Your fear of having a fall on the stairs may cause you to spend most of your day on just one floor of your home. Or perhaps you are considering moving to a bungalow with rooms all on one level.

We want to help you stay living in the home you love. You shouldn’t have to go through the stress and upheaval of moving house simply because you have difficulty using the stairs.

Installing a stairlift could be the best solution if you want to continue living as independently as possible. A stairlift can give you the freedom to go up and down stairs whenever you want to, without the risk of injury from falling or tripping.

A stairlift is something you have probably never bought before. Your first question is likely to be how much is it going to cost?

We’ve been in this situation and know how overwhelming the process of buying a stairlift can be. That’s why we’ve set up the Stairlift Helper service.

We can help you find the information you need to make an informed decision before getting a stairlift. We provide reviews of different brands and models for all types of staircases. Our website can help you compare prices. If you are ready to move forward we can also arrange free no-obligation quotes and home visits from reputable stairlift companies in your local area.

We hope our service helps you find an affordable stairlift so that you can regain your freedom. Please contact us if you have any queries and we will be happy to assist you