Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah have been selling their range of Stannah stairlifts since 1975. The name Stannah has long been associated with stairlifts and it is probably the most well known stairlift brand in the UK.

Stannah’s product range offers stairlifts for all types of stairs, including straight, curved and narrow staircases, which are sold in countries all over the world.

Stannah Stairlift Features:

  • Choice of colour for seat and rail.
  • Foldable design so the stairlift can be folded away when not in use.
  • Slimline rail that is fitted to the stair treads not the wall.
  • Easy to use controls on the stairlift itself as well as two wall-mounted remote controls at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Safety sensors to bring the stairlift to a gentle and safe halt if there’s an object on the stairs.
  • Removable keys to prevent unauthorised use.

Stannah Stairlift Models

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Starla Stairlift

The Starla can be fitted on straight and curved stairs. It has a number of customisable options, including the option of a powered swivel seat and a hinged rail. The Starla’s chair comes in a choice of vinyl or fabric upholstery in a range of colours. There is also a choice of different wood trims and rail colours so you can match your stairlift to your home’s style and colour scheme.

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Siena Stairlift

The Siena has a contemporary style and can be installed on straight and curved stairs. It’s available in a choice of five vinyl colours and six rail colours. The swivel seat is available in two different widths depending on the needs of the user and there is the option of a powered swivel.

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Sadler Stairlift

The Sadler is specially designed for people who have trouble bending at their knees or hips. It offers an alternative to a perch-style seat. The saddle-style seat is elevated and tilted and moves up and down with the user to make it easier for them to get on and off the stairlift. It is available in different heights to accommodate the requirements of the user. The Sadler has a seatbelt that can be done up with one hand and there’s an immobiliser that prevents the stairlift from moving until the seatbelt is securely fastened. Its slimline design means this model can be installed on narrow stairs where a standard stairlift may not fit.

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